Well, for those of you who will be joining me, my name is Eric. I’m just a guy. Thirty one years old and perhaps in a bit of a mid-life crisis (the jury is out on this one). The point of this blog here is to document my thoughts and experiences as I go from normal every day guy, to normal every day guy who might play professional Magic: The Gathering. Insert various groans, clapping, and perhaps a thrown egg or two. Though I will profess a great joy if you all go for option b.

So the first question I suppose is, why decide this? Why specifically call out “I’m gonna be a pro magic player!” To put it simply, I think I can. I suppose one could call that hubris, but think less Babe Ruth and more Little Engine That Could.

Like I said. I’m just some guy.

But why Magic? It’s a good question. To put it simply, it’s because I love gaming. There aren’t any other professional arenas in the tabletop world. No professional Warmachine, or Warhammer, but there is for magic. And I adore mechanics, taking things apart word by word, and figuring it out from top to bottom. I crave that. I also crave the challenge.

That’s the easy answer though… The real hard answer is that job-wise I’m fairly screwed. In our current economic world I have all the job qualifications of a roaming jack-of-all-trades. I have no real focus having bounced from job to job in seemingly disparate fields. Though if you throw me into a gaming situation and suddenly I have 10+ years of qualifications. So why not try to strive for something that interests me? Something that really invigorates me? Something that, dare I say, I might actually be qualified for!

So lets start shall we? Let’s go all the way. Let’s go pro.